The Hardest Part


I'm overwhelmed: Despite the fact that I have made various small posts as tests of particular features, and as a way of keeping track of what I've been programming, and even though this is meant to be a tech blog, I have no idea what I'm going to write this first full length post about!

But, ohmygosh, it's already falling from my brain onto the page. Ah well, I've hi there. I'm Pr3fatum, and I'm an ethical hacking student from the United Kingdom who's new to blogging (see the About Me section for a smaller introduction.) I like to program, to play videogames, to watch anime, to watch doctor who...heck, I'm an all-out geek. If it's geeky you can probably bet I like it.

Oh. And I hate apple...well, I guess, not apple themselves, but their business model, their software, their methods... agh, who am I kidding? I hate them. I don't like microsoft much either, but at least I can put up with their OS (by which I mean Windows 7). At least it's not -quite- as restrictive as apple's software.

Enough of this overblown introduction though, as I fear I'll begin to ramble. There will be a miriad of subjects discussed in this blog, from technical geeky stuff, to music; From current affairs to interesting/useful content from the web. I might throw in a rant or two if I'm in a particularly rage-worthy mood. If you'd like to keep up with my posts, the easiest way is by subscribing to my RSS feed, or by simply checking the site every so often. And with a little luck I might just entertain you for the short while you are reading. I plan on making a new post weekly, at least.

Until next time...Have fun.


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